General Tips For Reading With Infants

Can you read the Dooley Bear books to your baby?


Of course!


The most important parts of story time during this age are cuddling, making eye contact and having “conversations” using babble. But, we can also take this opportunity to point to and name common animals, objects and body parts that are in the book to start building their vocabulary.


10 tips for reading with your baby:


Touch the cover and say, “Oh look I see Dooley Bear!”
Make lots of silly sounds about the pictures and animals you see. Car sounds, animal sounds – be silly and have fun!
Sometimes when you are reading the book drop it, look at your baby and say, “uh oh!” And laugh.
Your baby may not be able to sit through the entire book. That’s ok.
Instead of reading the book, you can just point to the pictures and body parts and name them.
Point to body parts on yourself and your baby as you name them.
Act out the pages of the book with your face and hands. We want your baby to watch your face and make eye contact with you.
Give your baby time to babble in response to your sounds. When your baby babbles, babble back with them.
Make a “conversation” out of babble and silly sounds. This will help teach turn-taking and focus attention on a single activity.
Cuddle with your baby while you enjoy these special moments together!
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