Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the parent handbooks for each book?

The parent handbooks are located on each book detail page. To locate them, select the book from the library and then scroll down to the parent handbook section. You can either read them on the website or download a PDF.

How do I know which questions to ask my child?

Start by asking the easier questions listed under the toddler category. Even if your child is able to easily answer these questions, it will be fun for them and help build confidence in their language and communication skills.

What if my child cannot answer some of the questions?

If you child is unable to answer a question or is having difficulty, take the lead and model the answer for them. This is all about education and communication. For more specific answers and tips with this FAQ read Helpful tips from a Speech Language Pathologist.

What kind of language activities are included in the parent handbooks?

Language activities include following directions, answering questions, turn taking, picture identification and more to focus on the development of preschool language skills. For more specific answers and tips with this FAQ read How to use the parent handbooks.

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