Dooley Bear!

In book one of the award-winning Dooley Bear series, we are introduced to Dooley Bear and his silliness.

He meets Mason the Muskrat who tells him tales of his travels.

By the end of the book, Dooley Bear is ready to hop on a plane and start his very own adventure.

But where will he go?


Parent Handbook

Don't forget to check out the Parent Handbook!

The questions are divided into toddler and preschooler questions based on age and sequence that the language skills typically develop.

The questions are written specifically for each page of the book and they are free add-ons to our books.

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The author describes this book

"I liked the book a lot and I thought Dooley Bear was funny. I'm excited to see where Dooley Bear goes."

Jula - Age 8 - 3rd Grade Phoenix, AZ

Sample pages from this book

"Picture book reading is often a passive learning activity, but it can be so much more when parents understand how to engage their children with the content and illustrations. Through the parent handbook and app, the author, Lisa Cyrier, does as fantastic job of fostering and modeling the self-questioning process that promotes the development of language, reflection, analysis, evaluation, observation, and many more critical thinking skills. The concept is not new, but few picture books give parents the exact questions to engage their children in this manner. We highly recommend this book."

Reviewer Academics' Choice CA, USA

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Our app will put the educational tools you need in the palm of your hand.

We developed the app to equip you with helpful tools you can use to enhance your children’s language skills while reading the Dooley Bear books.

What is included in the app?

Parent Handbooks

For each book in the Dooley Bear series you can access the parent handbook on the app. This makes the handbooks easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Just select the book you are reading to pull up the language activities associated with it.

Create your own Dooley Bear Passport

You can create passports for your children and get your passport stamped so you can keep track of your travels with Dooley Bear!

How many places will you visit with Dooley Bear?

Future App Features

We are working on including fun and educational games that your child can play to further enhance language skills while having fun. Stay tuned!

Other books in the series

Dooley Bear has been very busy traveling the world in search of fun, friends and food! Check out all of Dooley Bear's adventures in the other books available in this series. Where do you think he will go next?

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