About the Illustrator

Ronnie Cyrier has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Eastern Illinois University where he majored in Computer Science. His “real life” career was in IT, where he spent many long nights banging his head on a keyboard trying to get his software to do what it was supposed to do. But don't let him fool you, he loved his career because he's a great problem solver and loves a challenge.

He has always had a passion for drawing. He would spend his "down time" drawing funny scenes to describe his day. With a grin, he called them "Artist Renditions".

When Lisa approached him about illustrating her Dooley Bear book series, he couldn’t turn her down. Obviously he couldn’t say no. She’s his wife!

Ronnie now spends his time fishing, kiteboarding, boating and illustrating the Dooley Bear Series of children’s books. So now instead of banging his head on a keyboard, you'll see him laughing at some funny scene he just illustrated.

One day he hopes to master the art of climbing a coconut tree….one day. But until then he'll sit back, relax, and watch the sunset while enjoying a nice adult beverage.

Ronnie Cyrier Illustrator
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