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Our app will put the educational tools you need in the palm of your hand.

We developed the app to equip you with helpful tools you can use to enhance your children’s language skills while reading the Dooley Bear books.

What is included in the app?

Parent Handbooks

For each book in the Dooley Bear series you can access the parent handbook on the app. This makes the handbooks easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Just select the book you are reading to pull up the language activities associated with it.

Create your own Dooley Bear Passport

You can create passports for your children and get your passport stamped so you can keep track of your travels with Dooley Bear!

How many places will you visit with Dooley Bear?

Future App Features

We are working on including fun and educational games that your child can play to further enhance language skills while having fun. Stay tuned!

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