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Welcome to the Dooley Bear Adventures website! Here you can learn about Dooley Bear and his travels, explore our library of award-winning books and view the parent handbooks.

The Dooley Bear Adventures series is written by a speech-language pathologist with the goal of promoting early literacy while learning about different cultures. Each book in the series follows the same pattern which helps to generate language through predictability.

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Dooley Bear Adventures Scotland!

In this book of the award-winning Dooley Bear Adventures series, Dooley Bear travels to Scotland. He meets the national animal who takes him on a magical bicycle tour to the Highlands. He plays the bagpipes in Edinburgh, golfs at St. Andrews, competes in the Highland Games and eats Scotch pie and haggis.

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About the Dooley Bear Series

Dooley Bear! You're going to love him.

  • Who is Dooley Bear?

    He’s more than just a big, furry, brown dog. Dooley Bear is a dreamer who has his bags packed and is ready for adventure. In this picture book series, we will meet Dooley Bear and follow him on his adventures around the globe in search of fun, friends and food!

  • What makes the Dooley Bear book series special?

    This award-winning series is written by a speech-language pathologist with the goal of promoting early literacy while learning about different cultures. Each book in the series follows the same pattern which helps to generate language through predictability. Each book has a parent handbook that contains questions to engage children, as well as teach and reinforce preschool language concepts. These handbooks are available on this website and in our app.

  • What is the series about?

    Dooley Bear is a series of books that not only encourages language development and critical thinking, it also introduces children and their families to new cities, states and countries. Join Dooley Bear on his adventures around the world, while promoting preschool language skills!

  • What inspired the series?

    While working with preschool children, Lisa realized there was a need for books that are not just fun, but that also engage children. Her books are designed with language development in mind. Lisa also observed a lot of caregivers who did a great job of reading books to children, but didn’t understand how to engage their children in the books and encourage language development. The Dooley Bear books will not only make your children laugh, but also help develop the necessary language skills they need to succeed in school.

dooley bear bags are packed

"As an early childhood educator, I'm always looking for simple, creative, and engaging ways to teach my students. The Dooley Bear series is a great way to introduce children to different countries, cultures, and customs without them even realizing how much they're learning! Dooley Bear is silly and fun, and my students absolutely adore him. We can't wait to see where Dooley Bear goes next!"

Cathy Keturatana, B.A.E., M. Ed. - Teacher/Parent Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The author describes the series

Check out this video of Lisa Cyrier talking about her fun and educational children’s picture book series.

"Dooley Bear is on the move. Great way to help young children learn about international travel and cultures. We will add to our recommended reading list for families with preschool children."

Kimberly Smith, Executive Director, Early Learning Partnership of NWI Northwest Indiana, USA

Other books in the series

Dooley Bear has been very busy traveling the world in search of fun, friends and food! Check out all of Dooley Bear's adventures in the other books available in this series. Where do you think he will go next?

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"The story is unique, attention-grabbing, and age appropriate. Our kids loved it, and we loved that it broadened their horizons - exposing them to the wonders of the world and instilling the "travel bug" that has enriched our lives."

Reviewer Academics Choice CA, USA

About the Author

Lisa Cyrier is a speech language pathologist who worked in early intervention for over 15 years. During that time, she discovered a need for more parent engagement during story time and was inspired to create the Dooley Bear series. Lisa earned her Master’s of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology from Arizona State University.

When the craziness of the “rat race” became too much, Lisa and her husband Ronnie decided it was time for a major life change and they moved to San Pedro, Belize.

Now, Lisa spends her time relaxing on the beach, running, paddle boarding and writing the Dooley Bear series of children’s books. (and drinking the occasional glass of red wine)

Her new mission in life is to serve up a healthy serving of smiles and laughter while promoting the language skills of children in her books, instead of through daily therapy sessions.

Lisa Cyrier Author

"The picture book is well written, engaging, and introduces children to new cultures and the country of Belize. The colorful illustrations are hand drawn and incredibly relatable to children."

Reviewer Academics Choice CA, USA

Download the App

Our app will put the educational tools you need in the palm of your hand.

We developed the app to equip you with helpful tools you can use to enhance your children’s language skills while reading the Dooley Bear books.

What is included in the app?

Parent Handbooks

For each book in the Dooley Bear series you can access the parent handbook on the app. This makes the handbooks easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Just select the book you are reading to pull up the language activities associated with it.

Create your own Dooley Bear Passport

You can create passports for your children and get your passport stamped so you can keep track of your travels with Dooley Bear!

How many places will you visit with Dooley Bear?

Future App Features

We are working on including fun and educational games that your child can play to further enhance language skills while having fun. Stay tuned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the parent handbooks for each book?

The parent handbooks are located on each book detail page. To locate them, select the book from the library and then scroll down to the parent handbook section. You can either read them on the website or download a PDF.

How do I know which questions to ask my child?

Start by asking the easier questions listed under the toddler category. Even if your child is able to easily answer these questions, it will be fun for them and help build confidence in their language and communication skills.

What if my child cannot answer some of the questions?

If you child is unable to answer a question or is having difficulty, take the lead and model the answer for them. This is all about education and communication. For more specific answers and tips with this FAQ read Helpful tips from a Speech Language Pathologist.

What kind of language activities are included in the parent handbooks?

Language activities include following directions, answering questions, turn taking, picture identification and more to focus on the development of preschool language skills. For more specific answers and tips with this FAQ read How to use the parent handbooks.

"As a speech language pathologist, I'm always looking for new books to read with my clients. These books provide a lot of opportunities for asking questions and working on our therapy goals."

Robin B Arlington, TX, USA
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